Bank Day – with Bank Day The title of the latest version of D-Bank mobile application is for Android, which has been developed by the same bank and provided to customers. This powerful tool helps all customers to eliminate unnecessary face-to-face visits and to have access to various services without any time and place restrictions. Unlike many existing mobile banks, this program categorizes all services in a special way and makes it possible for you to meet your needs as quickly as possible. Viewing the list of cards and their inventory is just one of the dozens of features hidden in this startup. Simply view the list of all the facilities you have received and, if necessary, pay your installments on time and at the appointed time, even without going to the bank. Apart from this, Mobile Bank D is able to play the role of an ATM in your smartphone in the best possible way and help you send your desired amounts to other cards and accounts! Join us to see the list of features of Bank D and receive its latest update.

Some features and capabilities of Bank Day Android app:

  • Access to a range of deposit services such as balance view, invoice and…. deposits
  • View the status of all your checks
  • Ability to view the status and balance of all your cards
  • Block or change the second password of your cards
  • View the list of all facilities received or payment of facility installments
  • Money transfer in two ways, normal or continuous
  • Ability to transfer money from card to card, Paya and Satna
  • Report all transferred amounts
  • Receive exchange rates instantly
  • Information on interest on deposits and facilities
  • Payment of bills and driving fines
  • Buy a mobile phone charger
  • Ability to change username or password

application Bank Day Has been able to attract the attention of thousands of customers with various and new features and capabilities and eliminate many unnecessary references, which you can now download the latest version from the reputable Farsroid website; This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones, which you can download with one click.

Bank Day