Frozen Free Fall v11.1.0 + Mod – A very beautiful and popular ice age game for Android
Normal version + mod version with listed features
Tested with offline performance

Disney Gaming Company Disney can be considered one of the most active in the field of providing beautiful and HD games for the Android operating system, the designer of famous games such as Temple Run: Brave, Where’s My Micky, Where’s My Perry, Where’s My Watter, etc., all of which The most popular Android games! Today we are going to introduce one of the most beautiful and fun match-3 puzzel style games called Frozen Free Fall We have products from the same company for Android, which has come with its stunning HD graphics to bring the best adventure game on your Android phone! Frozen Free Fall is made by a professional team from Disney and has been introduced in the US BOX Office program as the best games. The story of the game is about two princess sisters who are separated by the spell of evil ice; Now they are making great efforts to maintain their monarchy and sisterly and sincere relationship! The player has to cross the frozen land in 75 stages, which of course will be accompanied by one of the characters in the movie after passing each stage! There is a screen full of colorful and graphic crystals that you have to put the crystals of the same color next to each other and when 3 or more of these crystals of the same color are next to each other, delete them and follow the steps. Leave one after another! The achievements of the game can not be ignored; As you progress through each stage, you will gain tools such as torches, snowballs, darts, etc., which will help you a lot in winning the game!

Some features of Frozen Free Fall Android game:

  • Remove three or more crystals to complete various missions
  • Unlock new and famous Frozen animated characters by going to the top steps
  • Having a variety of achievements to quickly and powerfully remove crystals in stages
  • Stunning visual effects when removing crystals of the same color
  • Support for smartphones and tablets with the ability to play horizontally and vertically
  • Having stunning HD graphics with exciting sound

Play Frozen Free Fall Now available in the Android Market Score 4.4 out of 5.0 And so far has been downloaded hundreds of more than 100,000,000 times by Android users around the world and today in Farsroid the latest version of it for the first time We put it for you! Join us to watch the trailer of the game ..

Attention : The new version of the game is released without the need for data and only as an APK file.

Frozen Free Fall