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GB Instagram APK Download| Instagram Mod

GB Instagram is a kind of Modded version of the Big Social Networking Platform Instagram. Instagram does not need any kind of introduction. Everyone who uses the internet in today’s time must have used Instagram for once. And if not used then at least are aware of Instagram. GB Instagram has got another name which is Instagram Mod so when we will use this word in the article we would basically mean the same.

Instagram is a company owned by Facebook which is also a Social Networking Platform. Facebook also owns Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. And if you want to use Facebook Mod APK then you can go to our article and have detailed knowledge about it.

Coming back to GB Instagram, it is a modified version of the original Instagram application. It has some extra cool features which are not available in the original version.

So, if you want to know more about Instagram Mod APK then stay tuned with the article. We will provide you the APK and also brief you on how you can download the application. Let’s get started with the article.

gb instagram
NameGB Instagram
PublisherAtnfas Hoak
Size40.8 MB
CompatabilityAndroid 5.0+
Updated02 Oct 2021

About GB Instagram Mod APK

gb instagram mod apk

As discussed above, we said that GB Instagram is a modified version of the original Instagram application. But why the need for a modified version arose when we have the original version? The answer is that there are several features that could be added to the original but are still not there. Features that would have really helped the users in browsing Instagram. If you want to get any image or video it becomes a very difficult task to do. To just can’t get a video from Instagram itself. You have to take the help of external websites to do so.

Instagram Original application was launched on 6th October 2021. At that time it was not owned by Facebook. It was owned by its original developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2021 for $1 billion in cash and stock.

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The concept of Instagram is different from Facebook. In Facebook, the main focus is on the message. The first preference is given to the message of the users and then to the media. This is not the case on Instagram. In Instagram, the main focus and preference is given to the Media (Photos & Videos) and then to message.

We discussed how it is difficult to get videos. And it is one of the features of GB Instagram Mod APK. The limitations of the Instagram app are the features of GB Instagram APK. So we will not repeat it twice.

Now let’s start with the features of this application. You are smart enough to understand the limitations of Instagram through the features we will list out.

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Features Of GB Instagram

Till now we have discussed just one feature of this amazing application which is not enough to justify its importance. There are lot more features in this application that could be discussed and will be discussed. So stay tuned till we end up discussing the features of this application.

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Get Videos with GB Instagram Mod APK

insta mod apk

After Instagram has launched Reels the use and upload of videos has increased massively on Instagram. Almost everyone wants and has to upload the Reels and if not upload then they want to get the good Reels to enjoy it later and share with friends. But Instagram does not give any kind of feature to get the video of Reels Or IGTV. You need to take help from third-party websites to get those videos.

But nowadays these third-party websites are also not working to help get the IG Videos. So, it is the biggest task to get videos from Instagram. But if you are a GB user then you don’t have to face any problem as you can easily get any video from Instagram easily.

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Get Images with Insta Mod APK

While you use Instagram, you come across many images, memes, news which are really good and you want to get those images. But the Instagram app does not have any such feature where you could directly get that image. You will have to take a screenshot to get that image and then crop it to use it.

It becomes very annoying to take screenshots of the images and then crop them and then use them. To make the task easier, this mod APK will give you an option to directly save the image to your gallery. So now you can easily get any image and share it.

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Copy Comments with GB Instagram APK

instagram mod apk

Comment Copying is very common nowadays. People do not want to write more and waste their time typing comments. People tend to copy the comments that match their thought which they wanted to comment on. But the original Instagram app does not give any kind of feature to support comment copying.

So, if you want to have the comment copying feature in your Instagram then you must GB Instagram app.

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Unlimited Themes Instagram Mod APK

If you are the kind of person who likes changes then you must not be enjoying the same old theme of Instagram. We have been using Instagram for years now. They introduced many new features which we really loved. But they never changed their theme. Which is liked by many people and also disliked by some people.

So, if you want to change the theme of the Insta app then you can install this Instagram Mod APK which will provide you unlimited theme which you can change easily and enjoy browsing. Every day you will open Insta you will feel fresh and you will feel that it’s a completely new application.

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Copy Bio

instagram mod

Bio is something that we all have updated and maintain from time to time. If something big and permanent happens in our life we update it on our Insta Bio like if you get married, your age, date of birth, etc. These are the thing we have in our bio. Along with that, we want to keep our bio a bit classy and cool. And if we get a classy and cool bio we want to copy it and make it our bio.

But the original Instagram would not allow you to copy others Bio. So you can use GB Insta Mod APK to copy other people’s bio.

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Get Images/Videos Url

Sometimes you want to share an image or video on Whatsapp or Gmail or any other platform and you just want to share the URL of the image. In that case, you can easily copy the URL of the image or video whatever you want to share. To do so go to that post and click on 3 dots, and then click on the link button. And now you have successfully copied the link to that post. You can easily paste that link anywhere and share it with anybody.

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Multiple Accounts Browsing

Nowadays, people use more than one account and it has become very common. People have another Professional Account for their different Instagram Pages. Many people have Instagram Pages for their business and also have meme pages and many other kinds of pages which are their secondary account along with their main account.

Although it is very easy to handle multiple accounts on the original Instagram application but in GB Insta it is a bit easier to handle multiple accounts. You can easily add another account in the GB Insta by going to your profile and then clicking on 3 dots (settings). Then you can scroll down to the end, where you will find the ‘Add Account ‘option. In this way, you can easily add another account by putting the login credentials in it.

How To Get GB Instagram APK?

You can get the Instagram application from the Google Play Store. But to get the Mod version you need to get it from our website.

You need to follow the steps listed below to get the GB Instagram Mod APK.

unknow sources
  1. Get the GB Instagram APK from the top of the article.
  2. After getting the APK, find it in the files.
  3. Now, click on install now.
  4. It would require a permission for Unknow Sources, that is a mendatory setting, allow that.
  5. Now, again click on install now.
  6. Done, you have successfully installed the application. Now start using the application and enjoy browing Instagram and share your photos and videos.

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So finally, here we are at the end of the article. Talking about what we conclude from an 1800 words article.

GB Instagram Download is a really helpful application. You will get many features in the Mod version which is not available in the standard version. You can get any Images or Videos directly while using Instagram. You don’t need to have any third-party website to get the videos/images. If you want to change the theme then also you can do so there are many themes in GB Instagram APK Download. You can even copy the comments and easily paste them and post them as your own comment.

So, overall it is a great application. You can get it and enjoy connecting to your friends and family. And you could even share your images and videos. Start chatting with your friends and start audio calling them even video calling them and show them your love.

Thank you for reading this article.

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What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is a modded version or Pro Version of the Instagram Application which comes with extra features like Custom Themes, Images, Videos, etc.

Is GB Instagram APK free of cost?

Yes, it is totally free of cost.

Is Instagram Mod available on the Google Play Store?

No, it is not available on the google play store. But Instagram is available on the Google play store.

How to install GB Instagram APK?

This application is not available on the google play store, so you have to get it from any APK getter website like ours APK PIVOT.

Is Insta Mod safe to use?

Yes, it is very safe to use, it does not contain any virus.

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