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GHD Sports

GHD Sports is an amazing live streaming android application. It gained massive popularity during the IPL, as it streamed live Ipl matches on its application. Millions of people getted GHD Sports Apk during the IPL period and enjoyed watching IPL matches for free. The main benefit of using this app is that it is totally free. You can even watch the latest movies on the application. This application is made by Indian Developer and was launched in 2019.

ghd sports
Uploaded On3rd September 2021


If you are a sports enthusiast and want to have an Android App on your smartphone for the latest sports updates and watch it online for free then, GHD Sports is your ultimate destination. It contains all the features which are required by a sports lover to enjoy their favorite sports. So, get ready to get all the latest updates for all your favorite sports in the world in one place without searching it on different platforms. For instance, this sports app provides updates regarding all leagues of cricket, football, and other sports. Additionally, it also streams Indian news channels Live along with other live channels. So, it resembles the THOP TV in many ways.

On the other hand, another common thing about both of them is that they are not available on the Google Play Store. But you can get & install them by taking them from our website. Whether you are at your home, or at work, or on a journey, or anywhere else, this app will not fail to entertain you with your favorite sports. The aim of the app is that you do not miss a single update on your favorite ongoing tournaments, leagues, or matches. Since it has unlocked the premium features, you don’t have to spend any money on it. Have a good internet connection is necessary to use it steadily.

ghd sports


Now that You have understood its primary function all the salient features are listed below. Just have a look at these features too and then make a decision whether you want to get the App or not.

GHD SPORTS Have Live Channels

This app has a wast list of live channels that they are providing to their viewers, and not only channels related to sports, but many more channels from other niches. They telecast live on their app from the respected channels. If you go and watch it on your TV you will be able to match the same content over there in real-time. So this is a great feature of this GHD Sports. Hope you like this feature of the app and would want to get the app after knowing about this feature.

GHD SPORTS TV Gives Sports Updates

As we discussed about live channels in the previous features, similarly in this feature we will discuss how this app covers all the sports events globally and telecast those events live on its platform. Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling and so on others. Whether it is an IPL, ICC, PSL, BPL, or World Cup match, enjoy all free of cost. All the listed events and tournaments are covered on this app so you don’t have to get different apps for different events and tournaments. And you could watch all the shows and events free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny to watch these things.

GHD SPORTS Live Stream has Live TV

GHD Sports Apk informs you about the upcoming matches and as well as ongoing matches. So if you are not at your home then you can watch it from the app itself. Or you are at your home and you have someone else using your television, in that situation if you don’t have a paid membership of different OTT platforms like Hotstar and SonyLiv, you can not watch the matches. But with GHD Sports you can watch all those sports for free.

Live Score Updates

If you want to watch a match but the situations are not favourable, in that condition the best way to watch a match is to get live updates of every ball and track the position of your favourite team at every point of the match. So to do so this GHD Sports Apk has special Live score updates feature in it that will allow you enjoy and track your teams position in the match.

Supports Several Languages

This app supports several languages other than English. You can enjoy your favorite stuff in your favorite language like Hindi, Tamil, Malay, Bangla, and other regional languages, the language in which you have more command, the language in which you love to listen and talk to people. So they are actually breaking the language barrier between the audience and the content providers.

GHD SPORTS LIVE Has Watch Offline Feature

If you really want to watch something or some event or some tournament and you are not able to manage to watch it. Then in that case you can actually save that video and you can watch it later whenever you get time to do so. So don’t you worry about not able to manage time in your working hour, with GHD Sports you can watch it later whenever you want to watch.

User-Friendly Environment On GHD SPORTS

The environment inside the applications is very user-friendly. Even if have zero knowledge about using OTT platforms and you come across this application you will be easily able to manage things and find out your favorite stuff in this application. You will find a search box in the application where you can type the name of your favorite show and after pressing enter you will be able to see your show it’s that simple.

Watch Live News

There are several live news channels available on the GHD Sports APK which you can watch live in real-time. Now you would not to too far from the latest updates of the world and your country. It has many news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News, NDTV, and many other news channels and other regional news channels.

No Ads, Free App

The main and the most important feature of this application is that it is totally free-of-cost application. You don’t have to pay a single penny as a subscription fee to get and start watching the content. This application do not charge a single penny from their viewers to provide the content and that’s the reason why people are loving this application. And we think that this reason is enough to get the application.

COVID-19 Updates

This application also has a special feature, which is that it gives Covid-19 Updates. So now you can also check serious stuff while watching sports and other entertainment kinds of stuff. So what are you waiting for go check out this amazing application and also take care of your health and have look at the latest news.


If you watch movies or tv shows, you would want to watch in good picture quality, so that you have a great movie experience, and what if you watch a movie in worst quality, in that case, if the movie is a blockbuster you would hate watching that movie because of its low picture quality. A movie is much impactful when you watch it in High Definition Picture quality. In this application, you will be able to see all the movies in GHD Sports quality.

How To Get GHD Sports

To get the app, follow these steps:

1.) Click on Button mentioned above on the top of the page or at the bottom of the page.
2.) Go into your smartphone settings and allow Unknown Sources so that you can easily install the app.
3.) After turning it on you can now install the app.
4.) After Installing the app you can read the Terms And Conditions And Allow Those T&Cs.
5.) Now you are ready to go and watch your Sports Events And Tournaments Live and Free.

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