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Most children and teens these days have smartphones or tablets, and the biggest concern for parents is the content they view on these devices. There is everything on the Internet, and due to the high curiosity of children, they may soon be drawn to inappropriate content or overuse of phones and various applications, and this may harm their social and educational life. Be. For this reason, most parents try their best to prevent their child from owning a smartphone, and this causes them a lot of trouble. Today we are at your service with a program that has provided a very useful and practical solution to this problem. Google Family Link for parents Title of an application for Monitor and control children’s smartphone use, For Android operating system, developed by Google LLC and published for free on Google Play. This program is designed for children and teenagers under 13 years old and allows you to create a Google account for your child as your own. Your child can access most Google services with this account. In addition, through this account, complete reports on the use of the phone and various applications will be sent to you, and you can fully monitor how your child uses the smartphone. You can easily and remotely monitor the download and installation of programs by your child, and if you find a program inappropriate for him, with a push of a button, prohibit its installation. With this program, you can set time limits for the amount of phone use so that your child’s sleep and social activities are not harmed. You can lock your child’s phone remotely when the time limit expires or whenever you want. This program also has the ability to display the current geographical location of your child and with it you can be informed of the child’s location when necessary.

Some features and capabilities of the program Google Family Link for parents Android:

  • Full monitoring of phone usage and various applications
  • Provide reports with full details on a weekly, daily and… basis
  • Ability to apply a time limit for using the phone
  • Lock baby phone remotely
  • Show the geographical location of the child
  • Offer useful apps and content for your child

application Google Family Link for parents It is a very effective tool for parents who are worried about their child using a smartphone. This program has been able to gain the satisfaction of Android users Score 2.8 out of 5.0 From Google Play users. Now you can download the original, complete and without ads version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Farsroid for free.

Google Family Link for parents