Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics v2.0.2 Teaching science and mathematics – algebra, arithmetic, physics
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Study period is one of the most important and effective years of everyone’s life. This period is divided into different stages. In each of these levels, the student is taught skills to prepare for the next level. Usually before high school, the topics taught in schools are basic topics that are easy for everyone to learn, but in high school, basic science topics are taught and may be difficult for some students to learn. . Courses such as arithmetic, differential, probability, chemistry, physics, etc. These are topics that students often have difficulty passing and learning. If you have the same problem and want to learn your science lessons better, you should not miss the program that we are introducing in Farsroid today. Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics The title of an application for video learning of high school science courses, is for the Android operating system, which was developed by Math Tutor DVD, LLC and published for free on Google Play. In this program you can access more than 1500 video tutorials of basic mathematics, algebra, arithmetic, physics, chemistry, engineering, statistics and probability. Each of the courses is prepared with high quality and with the teaching of experienced professors. So you can learn them at a glance. Booklets and practice sheets are available with each lesson that you can print and use. Classes all start from scratch, and it’s assumed that the person watching the video has no background in the topic. If you need to review a lesson several times, you can add it to your favorites list to make it easier to access in the future. There is also a powerful search engine in the program that helps you find the lessons you want as quickly as possible.

Some features and capabilities of the program Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics Android:

  • Has more than 1500 trainings for high school science topics and courses
  • Has courses in basic mathematics, algebra, arithmetic, physics, chemistry, engineering, statistics and probability
  • Ability to add video to favorites list
  • Maintain a list of recently watched videos
  • View featured courses
  • Provide booklets and worksheets with each lesson
  • Ability to share each lesson with others via email, messengers and…

application Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics It is a complete and quality virtual school that has been able to gain the satisfaction of Android users Score 3.0 out of 5.0 To receive from users. Now you can download the optimized version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Farsroid for free.

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