About Notification History Log Pro


Notifications can be considered as one of the best features included in Android, by which we are notified of receiving any lost messages and calls, or we are informed about the completion of various processes by other applications. . But sometimes it happens to all of us that a notification, despite its great importance, is accidentally deleted and we no longer have access to its text. In such cases, a smart app can offer a great solution. Notification History Log Pro Title is a great application for accessing the full history of notifications received, developed by ikva eSolutions and published for the Android operating system. There are two modes of default display and advanced display to access all deleted notifications, which in the default mode are notifications in general and in the advanced mode to various details such as notification time, notification icon, application name and… access. You will have. There are no restrictions on the use of log history notifications, and notifications are stored in it indefinitely. Also, if you need, you can easily search for the notification you need.

Features Of Notification History Log Pro APK

Some features and capabilities of Notification History Log Android application:

  • Clear the history of all incoming notifications with a single touch
  • Swipe the notification you want to delete
  • Save incoming notifications history indefinitely
  • Create a blacklist to display specific program nafs in advanced mode
  • Professional search mode among incoming notifications
  • Open notifications in advanced mode by default!

application Notification History Log Has been able to be the only software available to save notification history Score 4.4 out of 5.0 Acquired by Google Play users, who can now download the latest professional version of it without the need for in-network payments from the huge database of Farsroid site.

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