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This is the latest APK that APK Pivot is providing to their viewers who love to watch the latest movies and web series. Ola TV Apk is the best app for those people who love watching movies in their free time. Users can watch their favorite movies, web series, tv shows, and many more for free.

ola tv
Size12 MB
Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+
UploadedSeptember 12, 2021
UpdatedSeptember 12, 2021


ola tv apk

After the shut down of Thop Tv, there are many new apps that are coming into the market to capture viewers for their app, and OLA TV is one of them. There are many more apps in the market like GHD Sports which is great for watching the latest and live matches.

Coming back to OLA Tv which is also an online streaming platform that provides you your favorite and latest movies, web series, tv shows, and much more entertaining stuff.

This application (OLA TV) is compatible with mostly all android versions. Starting from version 5.0 of android, all the users having version 5.0 or above will be easily able to use the app without any issue.

The only required thing is that the users should at least have version 5.0 of android on their smartphone and they are ready to use the application.

This application is also supported with hardware so the gestures are controlled with the hardware devices too And this application also has some additional features which that, this application also supports hardware, which means it is compatible with hard drives like firesticks, through which the gestures can be controlled into the application.

And this will be the break the stereotype of Television. You will be able to watch your favorite shows from your mobile phone or smartphone without thinking where you are, you need not worry to stick to the television to watch movies and tv shows.

OLA TV Features

ola tv

We just discussed the main and the core features of this application and it is not all there are many more features that come with this application, and we will be discussing those features down below.

We hope that you would want to know more about the features of this amazing application, so stay tuned until the end of the article.

5000+ IPTV Channels

The OLA TV APK is basically based on IPTV and IPTV covers all the channels around the world. IPTV is a worldwide channel provider, and it has more than 5000 channels including Indian channels as well as international channels. It seems like you will get bored of scrolling the channels but then also the channels will not end.

You will find many different channels in this application, and you will get your favorite channels, and if you don’t have any favorite channels and you are just scrolling to find some good shows then also this application will help you.

As it has many diversified channels which you will surely like, and from many different countries like India, UAE, Canada, USA, etc.

OLA Tv is a great application that will allow you to watch your favorite shows live without going in front of your television. You don’t need to search for television and wait to reach home to watch your shows if you have this application.

Easy User Interface

The best thing about this application is its User Interface. The application is very user-friendly and very easy to use. You don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge to use the application. You just need to know how you can get the application after that your work is over. Once you get the application and enter in the application, you will find your way to your favorite shows and movies.

Also Has Search Filters

The search filter is an example of a great user interface that is why it is listed just below the User Interface feature.

This application also has an additional feature which is the Search Filters, through which you can easily type the name of your favorite movies, shows, or channels that you want to watch. After entering it you will see your favorite stuff without any problem or issue.

(The Best Feature) Free

The best feature of this application is that it is totally free of cost, this application will not cost a single penny from their users for providing these services. This application also does not have any kind of in-app purchase, in this case, when we say it’s free it means it’s totally free.

Another benefit of using this application is that, if you watch all your favorite TV shows on this platform you need not pay any money as a subscription fee to your television providers. And if you watch the latest movies then you need not purchase different subscriptions of different OTT platforms.


Another feature of the OLA Tv APk is that it is compatible with different devices. You can watch and use this application on different devices like laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones. It’s not like other apps that can be used only on smartphones. Use can enjoy movies on big screens like your laptops and computers.


In the above features, we discussed that this application is Totally Free, that it does not charge any money to get the application, reading to that many users may have thought that, then it will show many irritating ads.

But, it’s not like that this app is also ads-free which means that you will not see any irritating ads while you watch your favorite shows.


This application is fully safe for users. It requires just your phone number for the registration process and that’s it. You will not be asked for any other information and they also do not store your information.

So you can use this application, in terms of privacy this application is safe to use.

Provide Frequent Updates

In the frequent updates feature, we would be talking about the frequent updates in the content which they provide to the users. They are very fast in updating the content for their users. They upload the movies and shows as soon as they are available in the market. And you will not miss any of your favorite movies and shows.

Diversified Categories

In this application, they are many different categories and many different types of categories. The first categories are Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, and then there are several subcategories in all the different categories. In tv shows, there are categories like Indian, international and Hindi, and other languages. In movies, there are several categories relating to the Genre of the movie and the same in Web Series.


If you have read the full article then I don’t think that you worry about the conclusion because coming to till the end of the article shows that you have made your mind to get this awesome application. But if you directly came to the conclusion then it is our responsibility to conclude their article for you.

This is a great application that provides live tv shows and movies etc. This is totally free application. And it is user-friendly and easy to use. You can get this application. But there are some privacy issues reported in the modded version so we do not recommend getting the modded version. We have not provided the modded version so you can get it from our article.

But, overall it is a great application and you can try it for sure.


Q: Is Ola TV a free application?

Yes, it is a free application, and don’t ask for any money to install the app.

Q: Is Ola TV APK safe to install?

Yes, this application is totally safe to install. But in the modded version you may find some privacy issues.

Q: Is Ola TV available on the google play store?

No, this application is not available on the google play store and it would not be available in near future.

Q: How can we install Ola TV on a mobile device?

As this application is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to get it from our website. And then you can easily install it on your mobile device.

Q: Is Ola TV an alternative to Thop Tv?

Yes, you can call it an alternative to Thop Tv, but this application does not stream Live Cricket Matches like Thop Tv, so that is the missing feature in this application.