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Pikashow is an amazing online streaming platform. This Pikashow APK provides the latest movies and web series to their viewers. Pikashow App also provides live Tv channels on their platform. They have a huge list of channels and Tv shows in their app. And the most amazing thing about this application is that it provides all these things and does not charge a single penny from its viewers. It means that it is a totally free application. It is very similar to other apps like ThopTV, Ola TV, Redbox TV, GHD Sports, Swift Streamz, etc. So let’s know more about this app in this article. Stay tuned till the end of the article.

Size12 MB
Versionv10.6.7 (67)
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+
UpdatedSeptember 13, 2021

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About Pikashow


Our life would be really boring without the video content or we can say the movies and web series. We would have not been able to live in this lockdown period if we would have not watched all the movies and web series. The web series which was launched during the lockdown period really saved our lives and stopped us from going into depression. We can say that in general if the movies and tv shows were not there then it would be more difficult for us to sustain our life. We would have not had any source of entertainment if the movies do not exist. Helping us sustain our life we have the streaming platforms like Pikashow.

This Pikashow Apk provides us latest movies and web series which are recently launched. It hardly takes a day for them to upload the latest movies and web series. They provide the content in HD quality, as they believe that their viewers should not adjust to the quality of the video. Pikashow app is an amazing platform that also provided live TV channels and TV shows on their platform.

There are many more features in this application which we will discuss later in this article. Taking about the important and amazing features of the application. You can even stream live cricket matches on this application. You can stream live IPL Matches for free on this application. One can even stream many other sports channels and matches like football, golf, and any other sports event. So this was a quick intro about the Pikashow APK, now let’s know the benefits of using this application.

Benefits Of Pikashow APK

There are several benefits of the Pikashow application, we discussed a few of the benefits in the about section. Let’s talk more about the benefits of using this application.

If you are a cricket fan and you love watching cricket matches, then this application is really beneficial for you. This application will allow you to stream unlimited live cricket matches for free without asking you for the subscription fee like Hotstar And SonyLiv. You have to pay a high annual subscription fee to watch live matches on your smartphone. But if you use this application you need not pay a single penny.

If you watch the cricket matches on Television then also you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to the Channel and Cable operator. You can get rid of all these things by using this application.

Not only cricket, but you can also watch any sports event live for free. Like football, kabaddi, hockey, WWE, etc. And not only sports you can watch any live channel or TV show using this application.

Now let’s talk about movies and web series, here also you need to pay a high subscription fee to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. to watch movies and web series. But with this application, you can watch all the movies and web series for free on this application. You can even watch the movies which are not available on these OTT platforms which are the latest releases.

Features Of Pikashow

There are several features in the amazing Pikashow app, we have discussed a few of them briefly. But it’s time to discuss all the features of this application with a full explanation. So let’s get started with the features of this application.

Great content

pikashow apk

This is an amazing Pikashow application, which itself says that the content available on this platform would be the best. Although this application does not provide original content to the viewers. They do not produce original content instead of that they provide the already uploaded content on the streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Mx Player, etc.

This application does not host any of the content on their server instead of that they provide live links from other 40+ OTT platforms. Thus all the great content is present under one roof.

Pikashow is Free to Use

As we discussed in the above point this is a totally free-to-use application. It does not ask for a single penny from its viewers to provide the services. You need not pay any kind of monthly or annual subscription fees to the application.

There is no hidden cost in this application. No In-app purchase is there in this application. So it is a totally free app.

You just need to have a stable internet connection to use the application and watch live shows and movies.

Live Tv

The Pikashow apk is an amazing application that has a huge list of live channels and Tv shows. You will find many channels which can be streamed live with the help of this application. You can stream News channels that are available in this application. There are many sports channels as well like Star Sports, Sony Ten, etc.

There are many other Tv channels in Drama and Movie categories like Star Plus, Star Movie, Zee Plus, Colors, etc., and many more channels. You can watch all the daily soaps live episodes in the same way you watch on your television.

Latest Movies

pikashow apk download

This application not only has Live channels but also has a huge list of blockbuster movies. You can easily watch all the movies which are there on the application. You will get all the latest movies that are being uploaded on other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Not only the movies which are being uploaded on the OTT platform but also the movies which are not yet available on any OTT platform are uploaded on this application.

You will get all the latest movies which are being released in the market. The movies would be available as soon as one day after the release of the movie.

Latest Web Series

pikashow app

We have talked a lot about the Live Tv channels and Movies but we should not forget about the Web Series. Web series have become an integral part of the entertainment industry. The kind of audience connection a web series gets is very tuff for the movie to get. A viewer spends almost 5-10 hours with a story which is way more than any movie. So people feel more connected with the web series.

So let’s come back to the relation of Web series and this application. This application also provides the latest web series on their platform, as we discussed earlier that it does not upload any content of their server. So they provide live links from other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

High Picture Quality

When you are watching any movie and you don’t like a movie, there may be many reasons behind this. And one of the major reasons could be low picture quality. So you need to watch the movies and web series in high picture quality to fully enjoy that content.

And talking about the picture quality, this amazing application provides the contents in high picture quality. You will not find and low-quality movie or web series. They provide great quality content. You just need to have a good internet connection to enjoy the videos in good quality. If you don’t have a great internet connection then you may face buffering issues and may get low picture quality.

Get Videos

We discussed a lot about picture quality and its benefits. And we pointed out the role of a good internet connection to watch HD quality videos. If you don’t have a stable internet connection then this Pikashow apk has another option for you.

You can get the video that you want to watch and once the video is got in HD quality then there would not be any buffering issues. You will be able to watch the movies in great picture quality without any buffering.

Pikashow Apk provides Screencast

If you enjoy watching movies on a big screen rather than a small smartphone screen, then there is an additional feature in this application. This feature allows you to mirror or cast your smartphone screen into your television screen.

Now, with this screencast feature of this amazing Pikashow application, you will be able to enjoy the latest released movies on your TV screens in HD quality. So get this application right now to enjoy the latest released movie like Bell Bottom.

700+ Live Channels

This amazing application has more than 700 live channels which are available for their viewers in the list. You can watch any of the channels for unlimited hours. There is no restriction on watching live channels.

More than 700 channels from diverse categories and diverse genres. You will get changes from almost every category and genre. You will get bored scrolling the list of channels but it will never end too soon. And you will get all the top-rated channels. It is not like that, that they are just counting low-rated channels to increase the number. You will get the channels like Zee plus, Start sports, Star Plus, Son Ten, etc.


pikashow app

There are various categories in this application. The contents have been upload in a very well-mannered way. You can easily find your type of content.

There are several categories and subcategories in this application. Categories like Movies, News Channels, Drama Channels, Sports Channels, etc. And categories based on language. Subcategories in the movies section on the basis of language and the same in the web series.

And there are a lot more categories which you will find out when you will use the application.

Personalized Suggestions

You will get personalized suggestions in your home feed section. The algorithm of this Pikashow application will analyze your taste and preferences and then it will suggest to you which movies or web series you would like to watch.

This is one of the best features of this application. You will not have to scroll and search for content. The application will itself suggest to you the content that you would like to watch.

Advertisement Free ( No Ads)

This is a much-needed feature for any OTT platform. But it is hardly provided by any of the free streaming platforms. There is a reason behind this because the creators earn money from the advertisements.

But in this application, the focus of the creators is to provide great content without any interruption. So it is one of the best streaming platforms in the market right now.

User-friendly Interface

This application has a very user-friendly environment. You will get all the stuff you need to watch without much effort. If you have no prior experience in using these OTT or streaming platforms then also it would be very easy for you to use this amazing application. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge before using this application.

Overall we can say that it is a very user-friendly application.

Search Filter

This is an extension of the prior feature we discussed which is a user-friendly interface. This search filter really helps the users to reach the content which they want to watch. Using this search filter users can type the name of the show or channel or movie or anything they want. And after pressing enter they will get that content easily.

With this, we come to the end of the features of this Pikashow application.

How To get Pikashow APK?

This Pikashow application is not available on the google play store. So to install this application you need to follow the steps listed down below.

  1. get the original apk of this application from our website. Do not get modded version.
  2. After getting find the apk and click on Install Now.
  3. It would require a premission to install the application, so ccheck the Unknow Sources option.
  4. After that again click on Install button.
  5. Now, you have successfully installed the application. And it is ready to be used now. So type the name of the movies or show ou want to watch and don’t forget to give a comment on this article.


So, here comes the end of the article where we will talk about the conclusion. What we conclude from a 2000 words article.

This is an amazing article, that provides great content to its viewers. This Pikashow application comes with many features which we discussed in this article. Let’s list out the main ones. This is totally free application, you don’t need to pay a single penny to use this application. You can watch the latest movies, web series, Live cricket matches, Live IPL matches, And many more live channels.

It is a very easy-to-use app. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge for using this app. This application hardly takes any space on your smartphone. It is compatible with Android 5.0+. It does not hangs and does not have any kind of bug. And it is safe to use the application. You can get the application and give it a try.


Q. Is Pikashow a free application?

Yes, it is a free application. It doesn’t have any kind of annual or monthly subscription fees.

Q. Is Pikashow APK available on the Google play store?

No, it is not available on the google play store. And it would also not be available in near future.

Q. How to install Pikashow App?

This application is not available on the google play store, so you have to get it from any apk getter website like ours APK PIVOT.

Q. Is Pikashow an alternative to Thop TV?

Yes, we can say that it is an alternative to Thop tv.

Q. Is Pikashow Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use if you are not using the modded version. There are few privacy issues in the modded version.

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