Correct Spelling Checker – English Grammar Check PRO 2.0

Correct Spelling Checker – English Grammar Check v2.0 – Application for checking and correcting the correct spelling of special English words AndroidProfessional and unlocked version of the program with access to all features and capabilities English is an international language and one of the most important languages ​​in human history. In most countries of the … Read more

Download Lynx Launcher – Simple, fast and beautiful Lynx Android launcher

Lynx Launcher v1.3.2.8-1121 – Simple, fast and beautiful Android launcher applicationPremium and full version of the app worth $ 3.99 If you are one of the regular users of the Android operating system, then you are undoubtedly looking to personalize your smartphone environment. The features that this operating system offers for personalizing the environment encourage … Read more

Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish 36.2 – Learn Spanish

Drops: Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish v36.2 – Drapes: Learn Spanish fast and easy The original version of the program Spanish, along with English and Chinese, are the largest languages ​​in the world in terms of number of speakers. Apart from Spain itself, many countries in Central and South America speak Spanish, and even 20 percent … Read more

Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet 36.2

Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet v36.2 – Drapes: Learning Korean and the Hangul alphabetThe original and official version of the program East Asian nations have their own culture and language due to cultural differences and distance from other parts of the world. The languages ​​used in this part of the world are in … Read more

Poweramp Music Player 3 Full

The best version of Power AMP Android music player is presented to you 🙂 Poweramp Music Player FULL One of the best and most complete audio player software from Max MP Studio for the Android operating system, which has become one of the most popular Android music players with its support for all audio formats … Read more

Threads from Instagram – تردز Easy connection with Close Friends Instagram

Threads from Instagram v215. – “Treads” application Easy connection with Close Friends Instagram AndroidThe original and complete version of the program dedicated to you, Farsroud regular companions With the increasing spread of Android smart devices among people around the world and also the reach of the Internet to remote areas, social network users are growing … Read more

Google Play Services for AR 1.29.213210223 – Augmented reality activation

Google Play Services for AR v1.29.213210223 – Better and easier implementation of augmented reality applications on Android devicesThe original and complete version of the app with over 100,000,000 downloads on Google Play From the advent of the Android operating system to the present day, Google has always provided a variety of features to make programming … Read more