About Shahr Bank

Undoubtedly, you have heard the name of Bank Shahr many times, a bank that has become famous and the best service provider and will become one of the top 4 banks in Iran in the next few years. If we want to provide more explanations, we can say that fame or the same kiosks in the corners of our city and electronic services of Bank Shahr are among its best measures, whose electronic services are more important to customers than other measures. In order to make the provision of electronic services as simple as possible, this bank has published a mobile bank so that you can have access to various services at any time. Shahr Bank Mobile City. The title of Bank Shahr mobile application is developed and published by Atieh Dadeh Pardaz Company for Android. Various and various capabilities can be seen in the list of facilities with Bank Shahr, such as viewing card information, paying your and others’ installments, the possibility of canceling a reliable money transfer, and… its best features. It does not matter what place or time of day you are because everything is in your smartphone! Join us to get the latest version of Bank Shahr!

Features Of Shahr Bank APK

Some features and capabilities of Shahr Bank Android application:

  • Get your Mojo card and accounts
  • Receive Sheba number instantly
  • Possibility to buy recharges for different SIM cards
  • Pay bills instantly
  • Manage received facilities
  • Ability to select preferred and widely used deposits
  • Possibility to cancel reliable money transfer operations
  • Display a list of checklists that can be used to register checks
  • Access to list of branches available throughout the country
  • Ability to contact the banking communication system
  • Search between your list of cards and deposit accounts
  • Ability to pay installments of others
  • Change the second password of the card if necessary
  • Show new features or changes in each version

application Shahr Bank With various features and capabilities, it has been able to allocate more than half a million downloads so far, and now you can download the latest original version of the program through direct links on the Farsroid website; Yes, the latest mobile version of Bank Shahr has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.



Changes In Shahr Bank APK Download