TechCalc + Scientific Calculator v4.9.2 – The latest version of TechCalc Android engineering calculator
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TechCalc + Scientific Calculator A popular and popular roaming squirrel engineering calculator for Android, the purchased version and the money is in front of you! After introducing several calculator software and performing mathematical operations for Android, today we intend to introduce the most comprehensive, powerful, most popular and best calculator software called TechCalc + Scientific Calculator, which has Score 4.9 out of 5.0 Despite its monetary value, it has received a unique response! You must be wondering why we have introduced this program as the most powerful and best Android calculator !? We will explain a little about this program and list its possibilities for you to understand… This program includes 10 computational modes which are: 1. Performing basic mathematical operations 2. Scientific calculations 3. Calculating different hex formats, oct and bin four 4. Graph operation operations 5. Performing matrix operations 6. Complex numbers 7. Quick formulas 8. Fast conversion 9. Solving algebraic equations 10. Time calculations !! So with these ten calculation items, you can easily solve any equation you have and calculate them with just a few clicks and intelligently! On the other hand, Scientific Calculator program of almost all available mathematical functions including general functions, trigonometric functions – radians, degrees and slopes, random number functions, permutations and combinations, highest common factor and lowest common multiple, maximum, average, geometric mean, variance , Coefficient of variation and standard deviation, beta function, beta density probability, binomial distribution, squared square distribution, confidence interval, di-gamma function, error function, exponential density, gamma function, probability density, supra-geometric distribution, normal distribution, Poisson distribution ، And conversion functions From Supports distance, area, volume, weight, density, velocity, pressure, energy, power, frequency, magnetic flux density, dynamic viscosity, temperature, heat transfer coefficient, time, angle, fuel efficiency and exchange rate and without Doubt will be the most complete and best Android calculator for every student!

Some features and capabilities of TechCalc + Scientific Calculator Android:

  • Ability to transfer the program to the SD card and settings for customization
  • Extensively store computational information in your smart memory
  • Having 10 calculator display modes selected by the user
  • Convert a variety of different formats and perform extensive mathematical operations
  • Perform all operations of multiplication, division, square root, sine, cosine, logarithm and so on
  • Having a very simple user interface without any ambiguity

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